An Initiation Into the Yoga of Abundance, Intimacy & Freedom

Are you ready to embody ancient wisdom into all aspects of your modern lifestyle?

Are you ready to become part of a growing community of spiritual seekers motivated to transform their lives?

Are you ready to live like a Modern Mystic?

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introducing timeless wisdom for modern lifestyle

The Modern Mystics School is an educational platform that covers essential life-skills for a modern lifestyle based on timeless spiritual science. It’s a platform to learn, contemplate and discuss, alongside an epic community of like-minded modern yogis, everything we were never exposed to in school, which is usually what matters the most in our lives.

And this is what it’s like to live as a Modern Mystic –  to consciously choose to participate and engage with life but at the same time embodying the timeless wisdom of the ancient mystics in every single aspect of our modern lifestyle.


The Modern Mystics School embodies the principle that life and the spiritual journey is constantly transforming in a never-ending process. To live a life of true freedom, we need to be constantly investing our time and intention in our self-development as human beings alongside the support we can receive from others.

That’s why we call it The Hero’s Journey for the Modern Mystic – a continuous four-month powerful cycle that’s a practical adaptation of the Purusharthas – an ancient vedic map for ultimate human fulfilment. The Hero’s Journey is based on the 4 aims of human life according to the ancient mystics:


The cycle starts with Dharma. Here we ask ourselves: Why am I here? What is my true purpose in life? And how can I cultivate more awareness of my true nature? Practicing Dharma is embodying the right way of living and working within the framework to serve ourselves and society.


Then in Artha, we ask ourselves: What do I need to live my Dharma in the best possible way? What is truly valuable? And how can I develop meaningful wealth? In Artha, we not only look for contentment with what we have, but we develop the skills to live in this material (and sacred) world, aligning ourselves with the intrinsic abundance of the Universe.


Kama is the exploration of our desire for pleasure, the main driver of human behaviour. Here we ask ourselves: How can I live a more joyous and pleasurable life? How can I nurture my true passions and desires? And are these desires aligned with my purpose? Through Kama, we cultivate a rich sense joy, passion, love and delight in our lives.


Once all other three are working in harmony, Moksha is the natural state of blissful freedom. In Moksha, there is a space of integration and asking ourselves: How can I truly gain freedom from ignorance? How do I remove obstacles to create an unrestricted life? And what is my natural essence?


Then, we are called to explore Dharma again, with a bigger and more expanded perspective of the nature of ourselves and reality.


Joining the Modern Mystics School gives you not only full access to an educational platform based on continuous self-development following timeless spiritual wisdom, but to an epic, supportive and global conscious community of fellow yogis and spiritual seekers

Every month
in the
Modern Mystics school you'll get

✓ WEEK 1

A soul-book with a specific topic based on the Hero’s Journey of the Modern Mystics, a space to set intentions, and your challenge for the month


✓ WEEK 2

A Live Masterclass from experts teachers


✓ WEEK 3

A guided Embodiment Practice to dive deeper and integrate the wisdom into the experience


✓ WEEK 4

A live 90-minute group coaching and sharing circle call with Sebastian or other teachers



Exclusive member discounts and access to Sebastian’s programs and trainings before anyone else

A unique opportunity to radically change your perspective on life, that no other platform can offer

Each month, we will focus on one area with given specific topics. You will be fully immersed into mastering these through live workshops, expert guided practices, group sharing circles and community support.

At the end of each cycle, not only will you achieve clarity on what aspect of your life needs more attention, you will also be equipped with practical tools and wisdom to start living as an empowered creator of the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Conscious Relating

soul-aligned career & business

authentic communication

shadow work, healing and energetics


happiness skills

emotional awareness

money mindset & meaningful wealth

spiritual development & liberation

meet your teachers

Sebastian Valensi


Sebastian is a modern philosopher and a spiritual educator, he has been facilitating and guiding people into the timeless wisdom of Yoga and Tantra through international retreats and teacher training programs, mentoring over 700 students to become authentic leaders and game-changers in the world-community.

Daniela Vianna


Daniela is a Yoga teacher, and serial entrepreneur building meaningful brands and mentoring purpose-driven people. Founder of The Avocado Agency and CEO at Ephemeris Co, she is a Forbes Under 30 and Forbes NEXT.

Manjeet Mathur


Manjeet is a Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation Teacher from India. He has taught more than 3000 hours in over 50 teacher training programs. He specialises in intimacy practices and heart-based meditation.

Valentin Somma


Valentin is an Intimacy Coach, educator and writer based in Brooklyn. He thrives on helping people connect better with themselves and with others. Valentin’s own background is in mindfulness, Neo-Tantra, as well as advanced therapy techniques such as Internal Family System. He also held a PhD in Economics at Columbia University.

the membership includes

✓ Monthy live courses and masterclasses – Value: $960


✓ Monthly live guided practices led by a variety of world-class teachers – Value $720


✓ Monthly live community sharing circles facilitated by Sebastian and/or other teachers –Value $840


✓ Unlimited access to recordings of all masterclasses, guided practices and sharing circles –Value $500


✓ Monthly workbook to set intentions and tasks to motivate embodiment of the monthly topic –Value $240


✓ Accountability Partner to discuss the topics in-depth, to support one another and share some love! – Value: Priceless


✓ Access to a global community of fellow yogis and spiritual seekers – Value: Priceless


✓ A unique opportunity to radically change your perspective on life –Value: Priceless


Total Value: $3,260+

your investment

Only for this launch, join the Modern Mystics School for less than a (small) coffee a day


*This offer price won’t be forever, don’t miss out!

*After joining, you will receive an email and will be redirected to a thank-you page with all the relevant links and access to the core content of the school!

door are open just for a few days!


what our members say

Frequently Asked Questions

I know I’ve done a lot of talking, and I’m sure there are some burning questions...

We understand that life and the spiritual journey is a cyclical and continuous process, therefore, there is no beginning nor end. The Modern Mystics School offers a membership-based platform for people who are committed to their process of self-discovery and expansion, where the starting point for you is the moment you are ready to receive this and to be part of this amazing community.

Zero risk. No strings attached. No obligation. You can leave whenever you want 🙂

It’s up to you! In the monthly soul-book journal, sent to you at the beginning of each month, you’ll have access to all the dates and links to the monthly classes and circles.  This will be about 90-minutes per week. However, you can take more time to rewatch the replays of the classes and practices and to engage with the community. It’s all about ‘no-rush but no-pause’.

Absolutely – all sessions will be recorded and will be available to rewatch for the whenever you want, however many times you want, as long as you’re still a member of the school.

In the live workshops there will always be time at the end for a Q&A session with the teacher. The monthly Sacred Circle will also be facilitated by Sebastian and/or another teacher, giving us all the opportunity to connect, integrate practices and openly share with a like-minded community.

The Modern Mystic School gives you access to a kick-ass global community of fellow spiritual seekers. This is a safe space to connect, share and grow as a student, and you can tap into it at any time. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the Accountability Partner System, where you will be assigned a partner not only to help each other to dive deeper into the topics and keep each other accountable but to make new friends on a consistent basis! This programme is optional, but we recommend you stick with your buddy for a more fulfilling experience – people love this!

A typical month will look something like this:

    Week 1: Intentions for the month and the challenge (warm-up for the masterclasses)
    Week 2: First live masterclass
    Week 3: Second live masterclass / Guided Embodiment Practice
    Week 4: Live sacred circle

    All live sessions will take place at a time suitable for the majority of our global members. However, for those who find this time inconvenient, recordings will be available of every live session to watch whenever they’re ready.

There will always be space to share and ask in the live sessions. Also, as part of your membership, you’ll be invited to join a Modern Mystics School private Telegram group, which is a safe space for you to share thoughts and questions. If it’s something private/specific, just pop a message to our amazing course coodinator natalie@modernmysticsschool.com

Nope. Price is too good to be true

your investment

Only for this launch, join the Modern Mystics School for less than a (small) coffee a day


*This offer price won’t be forever, don’t miss out!

*After joining, you will receive an email and will be redirected to a thank-you page with all the relevant links and access to the core content of the school!